Tuesday, March 10, 2020

New addition

Mom decided it was time to start looking for a new addition. She would only adopt if it felt right. It must have felt right because we have a new addition to the family!

Meet Fluffy! Mom thinks Fluffy needs a new name. She asked friends on facebook for some suggestions and got some good ones. She wants to wait a little bit and see what name appeals to or fits Fluffy. Mom adopted her last week. She's had a bit of a tough time adjusting. She was surrendered to a local animal shelter when her human passed away a little over a week ago. When mom met her at the shelter she was so sweet but as soon as she got new kitty home, she darted under the bed and stayed there for the most part except to venture out occasionally to use the kitty box and nibble on a bit of food. Yesterday morning she jumped up on mom's bed and demanded to be pet. That was at 3 a.m. so mom was probably grumpy yesterday (and today too since kitty did it again last night! MOL!).  As mom was getting ready for work yesterday morning kitty made a brief appearance out of the bedroom to boop noses with Mosby (no hissing from either kitty) and then returned back under the bed. That's great progress! Mom knows to let kitty take her time adjusting and exploring to her new home. After all, Mia and Mosby were the same way when they first joined the family

So, what would be a good name for this pretty girl? She's approximately 4 years old. Suggestions???

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Thanks pals!

Love, Angel CJ


Sunday, February 9, 2020

Our new normal...

Mosby’s getting used to being the only kitty in the home. He still looks for Mia but not as much now.

Thanks for all the prayers and positive thoughts for mom and Mosby as they get used to their new normal.

Take care pals!

Angel CJ

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Gone to the rainbow bridge

Hi pals,

I have some sad news to share. Mia passed away last night. Mom found her this morning by her food dish. She has not been sick recently so this was very unexpected. I’ll meet her at the rainbow bridge and greet her. I know mom is sad but hope she takes comfort in knowing I will greet Mia as she crosses over the bridge.

Mia 9/21/08-2/1/20

Take care pals!

Angel CJ

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

I can see the bottom of the bowl!

MOL, I used to meow at mom anytime I could see the bottom of the bowl! I had her trained pretty well to fill it at the sound of my howls.

Hope my pals are doing well!

Angel CJ

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Happy Birthday Mosby!

Mosby turns 6 today! Mom says he still acts like a young kitty running all over the place. He loves to chase Mia! He’s gotten extra noms and treats on his special day.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Spring, will it ever arrive?

Mom is fed up with winter and we agree with her! We have had so many snow events this year mom is wondering if we are just gonna skip from winter to summer? We don't necessarily want summer (and it's heat) to get here but we sure do miss our sun puddles!

Mia enjoying a sun puddle on the deck a few weeks ago during one of our short warm ups

Mosby doesn't go out on the deck so he found a sun puddle inside

Hope my pals are doing well!

Angel CJ

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Update on Phannie

Hi Pals,

Mom has been meaning to provide an update on Phannie and her new home with Leigh's best friend Beth in Oregon. So here it is...
Phannie May 2017
Phannie is doing great in her new home! She has been there for a little over 2 months now. She has really adjusted well to her new surroundings. She loves to explore and run up & down the stairs. And of course what cat doesn't like to explore a window?  (Sorry the pics are a little fuzzy! Neither mom nor Beth are skilled photographers!)

The first night Phannie was in her new home she slept and snuggled with mom. (Mom stayed one night at Beth's house before heading back home.) It's not that she didn't like her new family, she just didn't know them. But as soon as mom left to head back home, Phannie became a snuggle bug with Beth! She sleeps at night with Beth which makes Beth so happy! I think mom's a little jealous as she kind of fell head over heels for Phannie on the journey to OR and how could she not? Phannie is so dang cute! At any rate, Beth is thrilled that Phannie has adjusted so well to her, her home and her kids. They already adore her and spoil her! Um Beth, maybe skip the ice cream next time? Kitty's might like ice cream but it's not too good on our tummies! I might know a thing or 2 about that as I tasted some of mom's ice cream over the years too!

Phannie about to dive in to ice cream!

Phannie cuddling with Beth

Beth showing Phannie off to her family and friends

Mom might be a little guilty of spoiling Phannie too. A few care packages with food and toys have made their way to OR. Mom says they are from Mia and Mosby but I know better. Mom is spoiling Phannie like she spoiled me & Cosmo and now Mia & Mosby. Us kitties know how to pull those heart strings so we get extra treats and toys! Way to go Phannie! Sounds like you're getting spoiled in your new home and from afar!

One of the care packages for Phannie. She's found a toy she wants to play with!

Said toy that Phannie dug out of the box.

Mom is certain her friend Leigh is smiling from Heaven and happy that Phannie is being so well taken care of by her lifelong friend Beth!
Leigh with Phannie June 2017

Beth with Phannie June 2018

Oh ... and mom learned Phannie's Birthday is 4/27/17. It was written on a white board in Leigh's moms house by Leigh. It's where they kept track of all the fur kids birthdays. Mom got to see the board when talking with Leigh's brother at the house a few weeks ago. Now Beth knows when to celebrate Phannies' Birthday! Mom will continue to spoil Phannie I am sure and likely won't forget her Birthday either!

Update on Nermie....

Sadly, Nermie has not been found. Mom says that Nermie had been an outdoor cat prior to becoming part of Leigh's family. The neighbors and Leigh's brother continue to keep a look out for Nermie but she has not been spotted in months. Purr-ayers that she is safe and thriving as an outdoor kitty. Some kitty's do well as outdoor kitty's and we hope that is the case for Nermie.


Take care pals!

Angel CJ