Sunday, March 18, 2012

Going home to NEW home...

Day 3 at pet hospital and as nice as everyone is, I'm tired of being here. Mom came to visit and this time says we are going home! Yay!

I'm given a dose of meds which I try to spit out and then I'm loaded in to same carrier I was brought in a few days ago.

After mom talks with woman in white coat we head out to the car. Mom drives slower this time. I guess she wasn't as hurried this time like she was the night she brought me here.

We get to our destination and mom unloads me from the car. We then go up a flight of stairs and mom says we're home. Huh? We've never gone up stairs to get home before! Mom opens the carrier and I don't want to come out. Mom finally tips the carrier a little so I have to come out. I don't know where I am. It looks a little familiar but not really. I go to the kitchen to my safe place... the counter.

I wouldn't move from this spot until the following night. Mom put my food and water up on the counter so I would eat. I didn't want to eat or drink but mom encouraged me too so I ate a little to please her. I meowed until mom figured out I needed to potty. She picked me up and put me on the floor so I could use the kitty box which was now in the kitchen. When I was done doing my business I meowed and meowed until mom put me back on the counter.

The following day I still wouldn't get off the counter. When it was bed time mom picked me up and took me to bed with her. I was scared at first but settled in for the night. I woke her up in the morning with my purrin. She thought I was purrin to show my love but really I was hungry. Don't tell her that though!

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