Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My ABC meme...

I got tagged by Allie to do this ABC thingy and finally got mom to type it up for me.  Geez, she can be so lazy...... what's a kitty got to do to get their typist to blog?  Geez!

Me - summer 2011.  I am such a pretty er... handsome kitty!
A - Adorable... who is going to argue???
B - Brave... Mom says I am a brave kitty for running through the fire.
C - Cosmo... In remembrance of my buddy. Miss ya!
D - Dude, where's the food???
E - Let's EAT already!
F - Food, Food, Food!!! 
G - Gabby.  Mom says I like to talk a lot!!!
H - Handsome!!!
I - Intelligent.  See K...
J - Jayhawks!!!  Mom and I luv the Jayhawks!!!
K - Katnyp... my momma!  In case you are wondering, Katnyp is catnip spelled wrong.  Apparently I am the intelligent one not mom!
L - Legend.  Enough said.
M - Monroe... this was my given name. I'm from Marshal, MO so those could work as my M's too!
N - nom, nom, nom... what we're we talking about? Food???
O - Oops... Not sure why but mom says that a lot!  Got nothing to do with me though I am sure!
P - Purrfect!  I am purrfect just the way I am... :)
Q - Definitely NOT Quiet.  I am a vocal kitty!
R - Retarded... no wait, that was Cosmo.  Nevermind.  Sure do miss that brat!
S - Secretive... You still don't know what CJ stands for so that must mean I am good at keeping secrets! :)  Maybe Ryker's Boyz will let me guest blog and I will answer the question from their blog a little while back?
T - Thankful!  Can never say thanks enough for all the luv after the fire!  Thanks Anipals!!!
U - Unique!  Pretty sure my battle scars from the fire make me one unique kitty.
V - see Q.
W - What were we talking about?  Food???
X - Extraordinary!  See A-Z!
Y - Yay, mom's almost through the list!  Whew... this is a lot of work!
Z - Zippy, Zappy??? Mom says I am entertaining which is zappy, right?

Me - May 2012.  I'm still a handsome kitty!

Sebastian kitty got tagged already but has yet to provide his answers so I tag him!  I want to learn more about my buddy down the street!  You're coming over for a play date soon, right???


  1. Oh CJ, those answers are great! I just LOVE 'em!!! purrs

  2. Love this! You DID make me smile CJ. YOu are the best boy, the most wonderful cat and so precious to us all. Well done with the ABC meme, that must've been tough!

  3. CJ, you are more adorable now, I think! I'm glad I didn't miss what your initials stood for but thought I'd find out from this neme. xoxo

  4. I love your answers, CJ! And I enjoyed learning lots more about you - who knew you were such a foodie? ;-)

  5. Great ABCs, bot mostly, we love seeing that yer furs are all good again!

  6. oh now you TOTALLY have ta guest blog at our bloggy and - as Allie sez - DISH THE DIRT on what CJ stands for!!!!! What date should we have our Mom hold? *paws thru date book*

    1. Well mom is pretty lazy so you might have to harrass her to type up the guest bloggy for me!

  7. Love your answers. I'm a little miffed that you answered them Allie tagged you, but not when I tagged you, but since we're new furriends and she's an old furriend, I guess I'll forgive you. *wink*

  8. What a pawsome blog CJ! And that could be you letter P too - because you are PAWSOME! It's so wonderful to see how well you're doing - you and your Mom are an inspiration to all of us! ((HUGS)) Luv ya! OxOxO

    1. OOhhh.... yes Pawsome is a good one! Thanks!!!

  9. These are excellent ABC's, CJ. You missed the obvious though...."C" is for, well, C, and "J" is for (wait for it now!) J!! I think you should reveal the mystery though. Inquiring kitteh minds want to know!

    1. I know, I know... I need to get on mom's case about doing the reveal! Soon!!!