Saturday, September 15, 2012


What do you mean you don't like French fries? OMC Harvey Palmer doesn't like French fries! Silly kitten!!!

Harvey likes to play. While I haven't met Harvey yet, mom has been spending time with him this week so he gets play time while his mom is on vaca. Harvey is probably a little too hyper for me to have a play date with. I'm a lot older than Harvey and don't have his energy...

Oh's deck time for me! Yay for lazy Caturday!


  1. I have to say, CJ, I'm not terribly impressed by French fries either - my human has to bring home KFC or her boyfriend has to grill salmon to get me excited about human food!

    Binga, on the other hand, will try anything - she stole some of my human's hummus yesterday!

  2. ha ha - I'm not impressed by French Fries either. CJ you are looking so very good and looks like you are enjoying the balcony. Now who is that adorable orange kitty? He's a real cutie too.

    1. The cute orange kitten is Amy Palmers new kitten Harvey. She adopted him from Wayside Waifs. Moms been checking in on him while Amy and Lee are on vaca.

  3. Maybe Harvey will give his french fries to you, CJ!

  4. DOOD, that harvey's a WILD man. We think he's too much for us too. Though we do think it's weird he doesn't like FRIES. Ryker LOOOOOVED them. And we never Ever EVER get any, so we have no idea if we like them or not *glares at mommy*

  5. Some cats like weird things CJ. I am SO glad about the kitty being Amy's and even gladder to see you doing so darned well!! Cj the normal cat, CJ the ordinary cat CJ SUPERSTAR SURVIVOR!!!!

  6. I don't think my peeps have ever brought those fries into the house. They eat them when they go out though. I bet you like the salt on them.