Sunday, January 31, 2016

This week's featured Waif - Iris

Mom's doing better about going in and volunteering at Wayside Waifs and that means she has a few new favorites. This week she wants to introduce my pals to Iris.


Iris is 3 year old tabby and quite a sweet girl. Wait, what? Well Iris just found her forever family. How cool is that? We were going to tell you all about this sweet girl but she's going home to her new family. Guess mom will need to be picked by another kitty as her favorite...

If you are looking for a kitty to adopt in to your home be sure and visit Wayside Waifs. Sisfur Mia is an alumn! 

Do you live in the KC area? Wayside Waifs has many animals that are brought in as strays. Has your furry family member wandered off? Check out the found pets page at Wayside. 


  1. I'm sure there are LOTS of kitties there that want homes!

  2. What a beautiful face you have, you adorable kitty. I hope you get well soon because more people want to gaze upon your lovely face for a long, long time.