Friday, February 3, 2017

Flashback Friday

This pic is from 2 winters ago (February 28, 2015). Mia and I enjoyed deck time even during the winter. I never liked the snow much. Mia on the other hand loves to bat her paw in the snow!

Mom says they are having a mild winter this year and haven't had much snow. I bet Mia wouldn't mind one more snow before the winter season is over?

Take care pals!

Angel CJ


  1. dood...itz quit mild heer two N we best watch what we say coz sure az we say thiz we will wakez up ta 100 feetz oh snow....

    waves two ewe mia & mosby...hope ewe both R doin sooooooper grate

    heerz two a golden shiner kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  2. We've got some snow that we would love to send to Mia. :)

  3. We bet Mia will get her wish. We don't have much snow here but it sure is COLD !
    Nose kisses to you and Mia !

  4. We've not had measurable snow for going on two months now here in Chi-Town.

  5. Oh Mia...I think you will be able to sink your sweet paws into a bit of snow. You know how Winter is! Surprises!!!

  6. Mia you will get some snow :-) CJ Miss you buddy.