Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Update on Phannie

Hi Pals,

Mom has been meaning to provide an update on Phannie and her new home with Leigh's best friend Beth in Oregon. So here it is...
Phannie May 2017
Phannie is doing great in her new home! She has been there for a little over 2 months now. She has really adjusted well to her new surroundings. She loves to explore and run up & down the stairs. And of course what cat doesn't like to explore a window?  (Sorry the pics are a little fuzzy! Neither mom nor Beth are skilled photographers!)

The first night Phannie was in her new home she slept and snuggled with mom. (Mom stayed one night at Beth's house before heading back home.) It's not that she didn't like her new family, she just didn't know them. But as soon as mom left to head back home, Phannie became a snuggle bug with Beth! She sleeps at night with Beth which makes Beth so happy! I think mom's a little jealous as she kind of fell head over heels for Phannie on the journey to OR and how could she not? Phannie is so dang cute! At any rate, Beth is thrilled that Phannie has adjusted so well to her, her home and her kids. They already adore her and spoil her! Um Beth, maybe skip the ice cream next time? Kitty's might like ice cream but it's not too good on our tummies! I might know a thing or 2 about that as I tasted some of mom's ice cream over the years too!

Phannie about to dive in to ice cream!

Phannie cuddling with Beth

Beth showing Phannie off to her family and friends

Mom might be a little guilty of spoiling Phannie too. A few care packages with food and toys have made their way to OR. Mom says they are from Mia and Mosby but I know better. Mom is spoiling Phannie like she spoiled me & Cosmo and now Mia & Mosby. Us kitties know how to pull those heart strings so we get extra treats and toys! Way to go Phannie! Sounds like you're getting spoiled in your new home and from afar!

One of the care packages for Phannie. She's found a toy she wants to play with!

Said toy that Phannie dug out of the box.

Mom is certain her friend Leigh is smiling from Heaven and happy that Phannie is being so well taken care of by her lifelong friend Beth!
Leigh with Phannie June 2017

Beth with Phannie June 2018

Oh ... and mom learned Phannie's Birthday is 4/27/17. It was written on a white board in Leigh's moms house by Leigh. It's where they kept track of all the fur kids birthdays. Mom got to see the board when talking with Leigh's brother at the house a few weeks ago. Now Beth knows when to celebrate Phannies' Birthday! Mom will continue to spoil Phannie I am sure and likely won't forget her Birthday either!

Update on Nermie....

Sadly, Nermie has not been found. Mom says that Nermie had been an outdoor cat prior to becoming part of Leigh's family. The neighbors and Leigh's brother continue to keep a look out for Nermie but she has not been spotted in months. Purr-ayers that she is safe and thriving as an outdoor kitty. Some kitty's do well as outdoor kitty's and we hope that is the case for Nermie.


Take care pals!

Angel CJ


  1. We’re glad to hear Phannie is doing so well in her new home. She deserves to be spoiled. :) And it’s sad that Nermie hasn’t been found. Hopefully, he’s doing okay...maybe he found a family to take him in.

  2. Mommy said you made her day with this very welcome update and seeing that gorgeous girl again. XXXX

  3. phannie; we iz buzzed happee ta lurn yur doin sew grate N ya settled rite in....YAY and HOORAY !!!! thiz iz pawsum nooze....

    nermie: we understand compleet lee bout outside cat stuff N we two send R best fishez that wear ever ewe may be; yur happee N healthe N livin large & in charge ~~ ♥♥♥

  4. How good to see pretty Phannie again and hear she is doing so well ! We send Purrayers & POTP to her and to Nermie. Thanks so much for the update ! Hope all of you are well too !

  5. Such great news about Phannie! Hoping perhaps another family is caring for Nermie.