Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Emergency visit to the stabby place

Hi pals,

Mom took me in to the stabby place this morning. I threw up my dinner sometime overnight and was throwing up white frothy foam this morning. I was very lethargic and even hid under the bed and wouldn't come out for mom. She had to crawl under the bed to get me out from under there. She called the vet and took me right over. We don't know any results yet as mom had to leave me at the stabby place for observation and tests. I know mom is anxious to find out what's wrong. I was actually feeling better over the last few days. I was eating and being more social. Mom has leaky eyes this morning seeing me not feel well when it looked like I was getting better. Thanks for all the positive thoughts, purrayers and hugs. Please keep them coming!



  1. Oh CJ! We're purring like crazy for you and hope you are okay.

  2. Sending love purrs and prayers that you are home soon CJ

  3. White frothy stuff could mean your stomach is empty or it could mean something else. Healing purrz.