Friday, August 17, 2012

A car ride... I don't like car rides!

I knew something was up when mom moved the carrier to the middle of the room and opened the carrier door.  I immediately stopped eating and ran to the bedroom (away from the living room where the carrier was now sitting).  Mom called my name until I finally poked my head out of the bedroom.  I still wouldn't come so she got the treat bag out and sprinkled a few on the floor.  I didn't used to like treats but I really like them now!  They are my weakness and mom used that to get me to come in to the living room.  Treats were scattered about leading me right in to the carrier.  Then that tricky mom closed the door!  Dammit, how did I let her trick me like that???  

I don't like car rides and I told her so the entire way to Wayside Waifs.  I really didn't like the car ride this time and threw up the treats I had just eaten.  No problem though, mom cleaned up the mess (in the car) and on we went in to Wayside.

We were at Wayside Waifs so that I could get microchipped.  Bayer was doing a training session with their employees and wanted some volunteers.  Mom didn't really think microchipping me was important since I am an indoor kitty but after I was found running around the apartment complex parking lot after escaping the fire on Feb 23, 2012 she thought it might be a good idea to get a microchip put in me.  You never know when a kitty might get lost or be involved in an emergency!  The folks at Bayer liked my story and might use it in their campaign teaching pet owners about why it's importamt to microchip your pets.  Isn't that cool?  Thanks Bayer and Wayside Waifs for getting me microchipped!

Since I got sick on the car ride over, mom decided we would hang out at Wayside for a while before hopping back in to the car.  I got to hang out in the sun room and meet some of the great people at Wayside Waifs that mom volunteers with!  Here are pics of me exploring:

This actually took place on Wednesday August 15, 2012 but lazy mom just got around to writing it up for me today... something about being busy working.  Whatever mom! 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Someone's Thinking of Me

Woo hoo, someone is thinking of me! How do I know? Because CK presented me with the Thinking of You award. Thanks CK!

To accept the brand new Thinking of You award, one must link back to the one giving you the award (Link to CK the Worlds Most Stunning Cat!), tell us all seven things you love and think about daily (See below) and then pass the award on to seven more blogs. 

Here are seven things I luv and think about daily:

1. Brofur Cosmo. Miss ya everyday buddy!

2.  French Fries! Okay, I have to admit I haven't really been excited about them since the fire but I am finally getting back to enjoying some of the things pre-fire that used to get me excited. Mom thinks that means I am finally getting used to being without brother Cosmo as these are things he liked too that I seemed to not want to have anything to do with since his passing.

Luv french fries!
3.  Being clean!  Mom isn't the best at keeping home clean but that doesn't mean I can't be a clean kitteh!  I am constantly grooming!

4.  Naps!  What kitteh doesn't love a good nap???


5.  Posing for the camera.  I must admit I didn't like it at first but now that I am healed and feeling better I luv the camera!  I am a handsome mancat afterall!  

6.  Bird watching!  The weather has been so hot mom hasn't had the window open much this summer but it cooled down enough the last few days that I got some bird tv time. 

7.  Talking!  I am a vocal kitteh!

 8.  Deck time!!!

9.  And finally, I know, I know... 9 is more than 7, Mom can't count!  I luv all the peeps and anipals out there that have sent me so much luv and prayers after the fire!  Mom's getting teary eyed just thinking about it!  Who could ask for better pals???  Not me!!!  Thank you everyone!!! 

And now to pass the award on to seven more blogs:

1. Sebastian the Sensitive Soul - I am hoping you will tell us all about Harvey!

Get working on those bloggies!  Meow and Purrs to everyone!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lazy Caturday

Sitting around watching the Olympics with mom and eating FRENCH FRIES !!! Nom, nom, nom...