Tuesday, March 22, 2016

My Turn

It's my turn to be caregiver. Mom had surgery today. It went well but recovery not so much. She doesn't feel good so I'm cuddling and providing healing purrs.

Thanks for all the positive thoughts for mom and me! 

Friday, March 18, 2016

I'm home!

I'm home from procedure! The folks at Blue Pearl took good care of me. They said I am such a sweet boy. Of course I am! 

I'll need some follow up lab work in a few weeks to make sure my thyroid levels normalize. 

I didn't eat well but they gave me an appetite stimulant and that seems to have done the trick. 

I used the kitty box first thing when I got home. I want to make sure sisfur Mia knows I am home to stay and it's my home. I just let her live here too.

I then had a little kibble and a bit of milk.
It's good to be home! Thanks for all the love and support pals!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Update- day 1 post treatment

Mom called to check on me today. I am in day 2 of my captivity at Blue Pearl. I had my Radioactive Iodine (I - 131) treatment yesterday. It went well but per state laws kitties can't go home for a few days after getting this procedure. I have to stay here until Friday or until the radiation level is down to a permissible level to be discharged to go home.

I didn't want to eat this morning so they gave me an appetite stimulant. They checked on me this afternoon and the stimulant must have worked because I finally ate my brekkie. I am being good and using my litter box which is a must before I can go home. I am bright eyed and alert. Of course I am, I am wondering when mom is coming to take me home! She can't come visit me while I am in isolation. I bet she is worrying about me. Don't worry mom, they are taking good care of me here! I am ready to go home so Friday please hurry up and get here!

Thanks for the continued purrs and kind words pals!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Today's the day!

Mom took me in for my procedure today. Here I am at home this morning. I didn't know when she snapped this pic that I was about to go for a car ride.

I should have known something was up since the carrier was in the middle of the room instead of in it's usual spot. I need to pay more attention to that detail next time and run and hide! Mom must have known she wouldn't get a happy pic of me at the VET. I don't like car rides and meowed the whole way there! And I made sure not to give a good photo op while there either!

I'm now at Blue Pearl. They are taking good care of me. Mom said they called her to let her know my procedure (I -131) went well. I ate some brekki and am relaxing in my kennel with the shirt mom left with me (so I can smell her scent and know that she's not leaving me here permanently). I am still having trouble with an upper respiratory infection so they have started me on another round of antibiotics. This is round 3. Hopefully it takes care of my sneezing. Mom's pretty sure the sneezing is why I am not eating well. So, hopefully that is under control and along with the procedure I will feel better soon.

Thanks for all the purrayers and pawsitive thoughts pals!

Thursday, March 10, 2016


Somebody tell mom she's not supposed to get sick just because I am! She's even losing a lot of weight. She said that's not necessarily a bad thing as she has some extra to lose but maybe she lost too much too fast (13lbs in a week). Turns out she does have a bad gallbladder and needs surgery. Thankfully she doesn't need emergency surgery as her tests indicated might be necessary. Surgeon said it needs to come out but not today. So.... surgery is scheduled for a week after my RAI treatment. That way mom can take me for treatment and spend some time with me after I get home before she goes in for her surgery. Then we can be healing buddies for a few weeks while she's at home recovering!

Thanks for all the purrs and pawsitive thoughts!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Radioactive fun...

So mom decided to jump in the fun and have some radioactive treatment today. She doesn't have hyperthyroidism like me but she's having a medical issue that required a radioactive isotope be injected in her today to look at her abdomen. She's guessing that "your gallbladder is full of junk" is not a good thing! She doesn't have the results yet but was told her doc will be calling her today. She's been in a lot of pain and is glad to finally be getting some answers. Sounds like surgery is in the near future. We're not sure how this is going to work out with me being scheduled for RAI treatment next week. Hopefully mom doesn't need emergency surgery and we can time this out so it works for both of us.

I sure appreciate all the positive thoughts for me! Maybe say some positive thoughts for mom too? Thanks pals!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Another visit to the stabby place

Mom made me go to the stabby place last week...

I am NOT happy to be here and I don't wanna get out of my carrier!

I was not happy to go and I made sure mom and everyone knew it! But I had to get my lab work repeated to verify the kidney function was good and not being masked by my high thyroid levels. I am happy to report that I gained 1.5lbs! I still need to gain a few more pounds back but mom and vet were happy with that for now.  And mom got a call from the vet today saying all my lab work came back looking good! So that means we are all set for the Radioactive Iodine treatment next week. Mom said she will be happy when I get that treatment because I am already showing signs of withdrawal from the thyroid medicine that I was taking. I am off it now per protocol for the RAI treatment and I am already experiencing lack of appetite and am picking at my fur. 

Tuesday March 15th can't come soon enough! Mom wants to say thank you to everyone for the kind words, suggestions about diet and for contributing to my fundraiser so she can afford to get me treatment. We couldn't afford to get me this treatment without all your help!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Relaxing at home after visit to stabby place.
Mom will post an update when I go in for treatment. Thanks for all the pawsitive thoughts and purrayers!!!