Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Touching Base Tuesday

Hi pals!

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday! Mom is a little sad because it's her first Christmas without me in 15 years. Yesterday would have been my 15th gotcha day anniversary! It makes me sad to not be there physically with mom but I am keeping an eye on her and my fursibs from OTRB. 

Mosby is coming out of his shell! He's even hamming it up for the camera! 

He's also becoming a lap kitty which I know mom loves. 

Mia is still being a meanie and growling at Mosby but they are playing some and can now eat in the kitchen together. 

Glad to see my fursibs are taking care of mom. Well I gotta go. More anipals have joined me up here but rest assured we are looking out for our humans from the Bridge. We're always with you even if just in spirit. Take care pals!

Angel CJ