Thursday, May 11, 2023

Remembering me on my angel anniversary

Mom has leaky eyes today. It's been seven years since she helped me to the Rainbow Bridge. My body couldn't fight the fight anymore. I know she misses me terribly even though she has other fur kids at home. This is one of mom's favorite pictures of me. I sure loved hanging out in my bed close by her while she was watching tv or piddling around in the living room. 

Facebook can be good or bad. Today mom is reading the many kind words from pals about my trip to the Rainbow Bridge. I guess time doesn't heal all wounds. It's a leaky eye day. She loves reading all the support though! 

I am just popping in to remind her that we will meet again one day at the Rainbow Bridge. Until then, "I love you mom!"  PS... Mia's being a brat! 


Angel CJ