Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Keeping Pets Healthy and Happy through the Fall and Winter Months

Mom!!! Are you trying to say I'm fat??? I don't think I like mom reading these blog things... 
So mom was reading a blog post recently from the Blogpaws Community about keeping pets happy and healthy in the fall/winter months.  Here is the message:
It’s September and that means falling leaves and autumn scents are in the air. Soon, the temps will fall and the days will get shorter. As dedicated pet parents, you know our pets will go through changes as well.
Fall weather means cooler nights, crisper days, and pets who need to be protected from a variety of things: From ticks and fleas to keeping in shape as outdoor time lessens. Do you know if your pet is the perfect weight?
What? I AM perfect just the way I am! Ignore the fat tummy! 

Our friends at Hill’s® encourage you and your pet to #GetHealthyHappy and share tips with your readers so their pets are healthy and happy, too!
Here are three tips to keep your pet at the perfect weight as we head into fall:
  • Create indoor games to play with pets as the thermometer drops outside
  • Visit the vet for a post summer and pre winter checkup and talk with your vet about ways to stay active in cooler weather
  • Is your pet’s food nutritionally balanced? Nutrient excesses and deficiencies can lead to health problems. Hill's Science Diet offers a variety of formulated diets to help with many different health conditions. They have diets for dogs that can help manage weight, oral health, and mobility. For cats, Hill's Science Diet offers food to help manage weight, oral health, and even hairballs. 
You mean kitties get to go outside? Sisfur Mia and I only get deck time occasionally! We want to know what this outside world is!!! (With exception to my venture outside after our horrible fire in 2012 I haven't been outside much.) 

CJ enjoying some deck time.

Mia enjoying some deck time.

I don't really play much anymore. Mia likes to play though. Mom will throw her a toy to chase or wave some wand toys around for her to chase. I might play for a minute or 2 and then I call it quits. I don't mind watching Mia run around the place though! She's more youthful than me....

We aren't going to talk about the V. E. T. I know if mom gets the carrier out that means a trip to the V. E. T. I don't even want to think about that place! 

Mom does make sure we eat good, healthy food. Science Diet has been part of our routine for quite a while. We have even learned to share...

I let Mia lick the sauce up first then I scoop in for the good stuff (meat!). Oh and mom said to ignore the dirty floor.

Thanks for providing these great tips BlogPaws Community and Hill’s®!

For more information about cat care please visit Hill’s® at: http://www.hillspet.com/cat-care.html.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Lazy Caturday

Dangit mom can't you do anything right?!? Mom didn't notice until today (Monday) that my handsome picture didn't upload when she posted Lazy Caturday! Grr... where can I get a reliable typist???

Just me and my shadow (it was early this morning when I woke mom up to feed me. How dare she let my bowl get half empty!). And Sisfur Mia is around here somewhere... Probably hiding under a blankie...

Happy Lazy Caturday pals!