Thursday, May 31, 2018

A new forever home

Hi pals,

Phannie has made the journey to her new forever home! Thank you to everyone who helped make this trip possible! Mom is so happy she was able to provide one last gift for her dear friend Leigh. She misses her friend but knows this final gift likely had her friend smiling from heaven! Here is a pic of Leigh with Phannie. She adored her!

Leigh with Phannie - July 2017

Beth has already fallen in love with Phannie! She has adjusted wonderfully to Beth’s home in Oregon and to her kids.

Beth with Phannie
The first thing she did when let out of the carrier at Beth's home is look for her food! Mom put it out on the floor since she wasn't sure where her food bowl would be kept for her.

Mom said Phannie traveled like a champ! She didn’t commit any of the 3 Ps. No pee, poop or puke in the car! She would meow for a little bit when first in the car until settling down for a nap. She was pretty good in the hotel room too. Although she did meow some, she enjoyed being out of the car for a bit.

Mom let her out of her carrier while at rest stops. Here it looks like she is checking out what's on the dash but actually she is trying to get to her treats!

Quick break in Utah. Mom kept Phannie in the carrier but she enjoyed the fresh air and seeing the birds and animals along the way.

Here's a few pics from each day in the hotels mom and Phannie stayed in along the way. She enjoyed running around and playing after long days in the car!

It is with a heavy heart that we must say that Nermie didn’t make the trip to Oregon. Mom learned a few days before she was scheduled to pick up the cats that Nermie had actually been missing from her friend Leigh’s house. The cats weren’t being checked on as often as mom was told they were. This breaks mom’s heart. Mom spent time over at Leigh’s looking for Nermie before starting the journey to OR and will continue to look for Nermie. Others in the neighborhood will continue to look for her as well. Please say positive thoughts for Nermie that she is found safe.

Thanks pals!

Angel CJ

Friday, May 11, 2018

Update on Transport of kitties to new forever home

Hi pals!

Wanted to let everyone know how much we appreciate your support with helping mom transport kitties to Oregon! I also wanted to provide an update:

Mom and friend's bestie now have a plan in place. Mom will load up the kitties and head out of KC on May 23 with the goal to arrive safely in Oregon on May 25. Mom is so humbled to be able to do one last thing for her dear friend Leigh. She loved her fur kids very much and mom is so happy she is going to be able to help get them to their new forever home.

Any help whether it be financial or positive thoughts/prayers for a safe trip are appreciated. The GoFundMe is here if you wish to donate some green papers. They are about 1/3 to goal. Any amount no matter how small is a huge help.

Thank you pals!

Angel CJ

Monday, May 7, 2018

Transport help

Hi Pals,

Can I ask for help with transporting mom's friends' cats to Oregon? They (mom and friends' bestie) have tried for nearly 4 months without success to find a loving home for these kitties.


You might remember mom posting a little while back ("Saying Goodbye is Never Easy") about losing a very dear friend on Christmas Eve. Her friend Leigh struggled with ptsd and depression. Her death was ruled accidental overdose. Her fur babies meant the world to her and mom knows her friend wouldn't want her fur babies to be left alone. Leigh had 2 doggies and 2 kitties. The doggies were taken in by a life-long friend immediately. While there has been interest in fostering the 2 kitties, no one has expressed interest in keeping them as their forever kitties. Mom can't take them because Mia and Mosby are declawed (mom adopted them that way, she didn't declaw them). Leigh's kitties are not declawed. Plus mom lives in an apt and with 2 cats already, she is at her limit for pets allowed in the apt. Mom would take them if she could!!!

Leigh's bestie and life long friend from grade school lives in Oregon and would like to bring the kitties in to her home. This would be their forever home. We need help getting them there! That's where I need your help pals! Mom and Leigh's bestie have discussed different options and think that having mom drive the kitties to Oregon would be best. But that's expensive. Bestie set up a GoFundMe to try to help with cost. Can my pals donate some green papers to help get these kitties to Oregon? Even a few green papers will be a big help! The link is here:

Thank you for your consideration!

Take care pals!

Angel CJ