Friday, July 24, 2015

Pet Emergency Kit Checklist

Do you have an emergency kit for your furbabies? If not, here's a good list to get you started:

Mom has most of the stuff on the list in a bag she keeps close to the door along with our carrier in case she needs to get us loaded and out to safety quickly. We had a tornado warning a few weeks ago. Mom wasn't home or she would have loaded us up and taken us to a safer location. An upstairs apartment isn't the safest place to be if a tornado were to touch down. Thankfully sever weather season is almost history for this year so hopefully we won't hear those loud scary sirens again anytime soon! It's always good to have a plan in case of emergency. Be safe pals!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Keeping kitty safe over the Fourth of July

Who's looking forward to the Fourth of July? or better yet, whose kitty is looking forward to the Fourth of July? I know my sisfur is not! Mia doesn't like loud noises which means she will be under the bed most of the weekend. I'm ok with loud noises as long as it's not a fire truck screaming in to the apartment complex with its sirens blaring!

Anyhoo... here are some tips to keep kitty safe this holiday:

1. Turn Down the Volume

Cats and fireworks don’t play well together. If your cat is scared of thunder, she’ll definitely be scared of the nonstop booming on the Fourth of July. Close your windows and turn on a radio — tuned to a station that plays mellow music — to counteract the noise of fireworks.

2. Keep Kitty Inside

If your kitty is normally an indoor-outdoor kitty, don’t let her go outside on July 4 or the surrounding days that fireworks are being shot off in the neighborhood. This will keep her safe from any number of dangers, such as getting lost if she bolts in panic during fireworks displays. 

3. Give Kitty a Place to Hide

Frightened cats will seek shelter, immediately. Many cats will run and hide under a bed or in a closet when the doorbell rings. Imagine what they will do when a bottle rocket goes off nearby. It will help your kitty if you prepare a sanctuary in advance. If you don't have an extra room, try a cat bed inside a closet in an interior room. Another suggestion is to rub a towel or small blanket with her scent and put it in the bed. Show her where it is well in advance of the 4th, so she will know it's her own "safe place." 

4. Make sure kitty has proper, updated ID

If kitty does manage to escape, this will increase the chances of her safe return. If she isn't microchipped, it's a good idea to consider getting it done before the holiday.

5. Get Her a Thundershirt

The Thundershirt, which has been soothing dogs through storms and other anxiety-provoking situations, is now available for cats to provide a sense of safety and well being. Recent reviews show that the device, which is designed to produce a light pressure all around the torso, is working just as well for cats as it has been for the canines.

6. Consider Tranquilizers

No, not for you (although you might want one!), but for your kitty. If your favorite feline is normally the skittish type, you might want to ask your veterinarian about a mild sedative or tranquilizer, just to get the cat through the day. If you're not fond of drugs for cats, there are some natural remedies that have a calming effect. 

7. Spend some time with kitty over the holiday

Try to take time out from the activities of the holiday to spend a few minutes with your cat, every couple of hours, petting her and talking to her. She needs to know you haven't abandoned her during these stressful hours, and the brief break will be good for you, too.

Have a Happy and Healthy Fourth of July pals!

CJ and Mia