Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Featured Waif

Mom has a new love and his name is Aiden. Isn't he a handsome kitty?!? Mom sure thinks so!

He is a 3 year old domestic medium hair mix. Mom doesn't know much about him since she just met him at Wayside Waifs yesterday but she fell in love with him! Of course she can't love any kitty as much as she loves me but... Aiden has certainly gotten her smitten. Good thing we are at our limit of kitty's in our home or she just might adopt him! Since mom can't adopt him she hopes some nice family comes in soon and chooses Aiden to become their fur-kid.

He is such a sweetie. Mom spent about 30 minutes with him yesterday. She likes to volunteer on the holiday's the best because the shelter is closed to the public and volunteers have the animals pretty much to themselves. Although some people might think the animals get lonely on the holidays, rest assured many volunteers and staff visit and play with all the animals! They get plenty of treats, petting, playtime and quiet time. Anyhoo... back to Aiden. He loved the attention he got from mom. He wanted to be pet and brushed and even played a little but petting was the best. He couldn't get enough head scritches. Mom sure hopes he finds his forever home soon! I bet he will! He's been available for adoption for just a few days as he only came to wayside last week.

To learn more about Aiden and other adoptable kitties and pooches visit http://www.waysidewaifs.org/.