Thursday, December 26, 2013

It's my "Gotcha Day" Anniversary!

December 26 is my "Gotcha Day"! On this day in 2001 mom and the Pottingers/Prices went to PetSmart in Shawnee and picked me. Actually I am pretty sure I picked mom to take me home but I'll let her think she picked me. Anyhoo, I was a Christmas present from the Pottingers/Prices. They were smart and got a gift certificate so that mom could choose me. Too many times people try to choose a pet as a gift for someone. It's much better when the hooman recieving the gift gets to choose their forever friend!
Mom doesn't have any pics of me when I was a kitty because well... the world wasn't quite digital then like it is now. Mom had some actual pictures of me from my younger days but they were lost in the fire last year. But mom does have some digital pics of me pre-fire and moving forward. Some pics are below. It's been an adventure. I am so glad I survived the fire and am still here. I even have a new sisfur!
Here are some pics of me pre-fire:
Aren't I a handsome kitty??? Mom always called me a "pretty kitty".

I have always liked boxes! But what kitty doesn't?

This was brofur Cosmo who passed away in the fire.

Brofur Cosmo and I hanging out in our favorite spot in the old apartment.

I loved getting in the laundry!

Iz helping with the laundry!

Yep. laundry's done!

I love bags!
And here are some pics post-fire up to today...

Day after the fire. I'm at the emergency vet where I spent 3 days receiving care.

First day in new apartment after the fire.

Ouch! I was still in pain for about a week after the fire. Mom did good giving me meds and helping me heal.

I still have my earz in this pic!

This is me several months after the fire. My earz are half gone and the fur hasn't returned on my nose but Ize otherwise a happy healthy kitty!

This is my new sisfur Mia. her "Gotcha Day" is November 1, 2013.

This is me today (12/26/2013). As you can see I am still a handsome kitty!

Thanks again to everyone who helped me and mom after the fire. I am a lucky kitty! 2012 was a tough year because of the fire and 2013 was an even tougher year for mom personally. I am praying for mom that 2014 is our best year yet! Happy Holidays everyone! May 2014 bring joy and many new memories to treasure!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

EZ Sunday

Enjoying a catnip toy on EZ Sunday! Have a good one pals!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

It's sun puddle Sunday!

I'm hogging the sun puddle! Sisfur Mia is hiding under the covers in bed because I won't share the sun puddle...

Sunday, November 17, 2013

EZ Sunday

It's EZ Sunday. Mia found the sun puddle. That's alright, I'm just chillin...

Saturday, November 9, 2013

This weeks featured furry is Quentin

Mom spent some time at Wayside Waifs with Quentin this week. He is a domestic shorthair, approximately 2 years old. Quentin was found by animal control after collapsing by the side of the road on a hot summer day. Lucky for Quentin he was brought to Wayside Waifs where the vets were able to get him cooled down. He's now a healthy boy looking for his new forever home! Quentin does get overstimulated easy so he will need a very special human who will go slowly with him and not expect too much out of him right away. When he meets new people, he sometimes get scared and wants to hide in the back of his kennel. Sometimes he will even hiss, but it's not because he's mean, it's because he is scared! Once he learns to trust you, though, he's a sweet boy who loves attention. His personality is that of a private investigator because he likes to watch things from a distance before getting involved. Below is a video of Quentin taking a spin on the exercise wheel used at Wayside Waifs for cats who can use the stimulation.
If you are looking for a special boy to adopt, come meet Quentin at Wayside Waifs!
You can learn more about Quentin at Wayside Waifs website: 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

ManCat of the house

I'm still the ManCat of the house! Look at my handsome self as I get ready to pounce on that brat cat Mia!

No harm came to Mia kitty during this photo shoot... She is my sisfur after all! 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Easy Sunday

Mia and I are chillin on the bed. We're not buddies yet but we're getting along well enough to share moms bed. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Mom, what do you mean she's staying???


Mom made it official and adopted Mia from Wayside Waifs today. I can't believe the brat's staying! She sits in my window, eats my food, drinks my water and goes out on to the deck with me. What does a kitteh gotta do to have some alone time? Well mom I hope you're happy. Glad Mia bit you today! Can you take her back now???


Saturday, October 26, 2013

A visitor. What do you mean she's staying?

Mom brought home a visitor last night. Her name is Mia and she's from Wayside Waifs. Mom said Mia is her current favorite Waif. I didn't actually meet her face to face... only through the bedroom door where I was relinquished to when mom got home. Here's a pic. Yeah she's a pretty girl but does she have to stay???

Mom says she's staying for a trial run to see if I want a buddy besides mom in the home. So far Mia and I have sniffed each others scent on blankets and growled at each other thru the door. At least I got to sleep with mom last night! That's our normal routine. This visitor better not interrupt my routine. It's bad enough she got to spend time in my favorite spot today watching bird tv!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Featured furry found her forever home!

Remember Calissa? Mom featured her in my bloggie a week ago. Well, she found her forever family today! Wayside Waifs does a great job helping kitties and woofies find their forever homes! Yay for Calissa!!!

Saturday, October 19, 2013


It's Caturday and wow have I been a brat today! I meowed and meowed until I got deck time. Hey it's nice out so why can't a kitty get deck time when it's so nice out? Never mind that mom wanted a nap since she got up early today to go volunteer at a run.... Then I stuck my nose in moms spaghetti. Yum it was good! The evidence is on my nose, he he! Then I got even more deck time!!!

Hope all my pals and their humans are having a great Caturday! 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Road trip? Wait???

What do you mean I'm not going? I know what that suitcasey thing means... Moms going somewhere and of course I'm not going! But I don't like riding in cars so maybe that's a good thing!

Mom's heading out of town taking this fellow (Teddy) to New Orleans. A friend is going to college there and her parents are letting her have a car and her dog. Moms job is to get the car and pup there safely.

Details about the trip... 

Teddy looked a little apprehensive at first but actually did quite well in the car. Mom said he rode shot gun almost the whole way. He didn't bark, just slept or sat quietly watching the scenery go by. They made plenty of stops so Teddy could do his business and stretch his legs...

Apparently Teddy wanted to take his turn driving, silly pup! Only kitties get to drive! 

Mom saw some neat things along the way including this old police car and a cotton field. Mom said some people showed up and picked some cotton while she was walking Teddy by the field. She didn't know if they were supposed to be there or just curious like her.

Mom and Teddy arrived safely at their destination. The pup is checking out his new backyard.

I would say Teddy looks happy to be in his new home!

Now hurry home mom! 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Weekly Featured Waif

Meet Calissa, this weeks featured Waif mom wants to tell you about.

Calissa is approximately a year and a half. She came to Wayside on 9/16/13 and has been available for adoption since 10/7/13. She is shy and startles easily so I quiet home might be best for her. Don't be fooled by her shy demeanor though, she is a very sweet kitty and loves to be pet! She climbed right out of her kennel in to moms lap! Uh oh... I might be in trouble, mom loves lap kitties and I haven't wanted to be a lap kitty since the fire. I snuggle next to mom though and she seems to be content with that but I have a feeling she might want a lap kitty again. Brofur Cosmo was a lap kitty. I think mom misses Cosmo. :( 

Ok, back to kitty Calissa. Her feline-ality test says she is a private investigator which makes since with her shy demeanor. She has been spayed and is up to date on her vaccinations. She is available for adoption for a low fee of $50. Come meet this sweet girl at Wayside Waifs this weekend!