Thursday, November 2, 2017

Pet Insurance?

Pet Insurance? Is it worth the cost? Mom wants to know what it covers and if it's worth the cost of carrying to cover Mia and Mosby. She doesn't know if Mia will be covered since she has a pre-existing condition (FHV) but since Mosby is a young 4 year old kitty she thought she might considering getting coverage for him.

Mia at the VET last year


Mom's thought about it off and on since the fire.

2012 fire that took brofur Cosmo's life and left me burned
Pet insurance might have covered my big bill then as I recovered from the fire and maybe even could have helped last year when I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism.

Me in VET hospital recovering from 2012 fire

What do my pals think? Is Pet Insurance worth the cost? Mom wants to be able to help Mia and Mosby if an emergency arises but does the cost of the insurance outweigh the cost of emergency care?

Thanks pals!

Angel CJ

Angel CJ