Thursday, February 25, 2016

Medicine... blech!

Mom says I am the easiest cat in the world to medicate! That's easy for her to say, she isn't the one getting a pill 2x's a day everyday. Ok so maybe it's not every day for the rest of my life but it feels like it! (I have to be on that medication for one more week and then I go off of it in prep for my procedure on March 15.) Anyway, I hear I have to start taking a new medicine for my sneezing. Hmmfff.... I'll show her I am not an easy kitty to medicate!

I don't start that medication until mom gets home from work tonight so I guess I might as well take a nap and plot how I am going to keep mom from being able to give me that new medication.

Take care pals!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Starting treatment

Mom called the vet hospital and got me scheduled for the radioactive iodine treatment on March 15. Actually I'm only penciled in for that day as their computer was down. Thank you all for the support, purrs, prayers and green papers!!! Mom says about half of the cost of the treatment has been raised which is a huge help! She wouldn't be able to afford my treatment without all the help.

***Update: I am now officially on the schedule for the Radioactive Iodine treatment at Blue Pearl Specialty + Emergency Pet Hospital on March 15. Their computer was broken yesterday but they called mom today to confirm the date and it's now in the computer. This wouldn't be possible without the help of my pals donating green papers. Every little bit is a big help. Mom is very grateful. Thank you so much! 

I'm starting on the anti-thyroid medication today and will be on it for 2 weeks. My labs will be rechecked and then I'll go off the meds in preparation for the procedure. I'm not eating much and still sneezy. I can't wait to start feeling better.

Please continue to think positive thoughts for me pals!


Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The results are in... CJ update.

Hi pals,

Thank you again for all the love and support and information about hyperthyroidism! I can't tell you how much it has meant to mom. She doesn't like seeing me sick and it has caused some leaky eyes the past few days but now we have some answers and can decide on a treatment plan.

The final results are in. My total T4 came back at 10.2 which is well out of normal range. The free T4 was so elevated it wouldn't even register a number. So, the diagnosis of hyperthyroidism has been confirmed. We had to wait on the other tests to make sure my kidney, heart, etc were okay. Those tests all came back good. Good enough that the VET actually said I had values better than a lot of kitties younger than me! I will be 15 this year so I am not exactly a youngster anymore but I have some good years left in me!

Here's my dilemma. Because of the trauma I suffered in the horrible fire a few years back, I would be better off going with the Radioactive Iodine treatment rather than the anti-thyroid medication. Although many kitties don't experience side effects from the medication, some do. Because I already have some fur/skin issues from being burned in the fire, it would be better for me to not be on the medication for the rest of my life and risk having some of those side effects. The problem with the Radioactive Iodine treatment is it is expensive. We got a lot of help after my fire and mom really doesn't like asking for help but in order for me to get the Radioactive Iodine treatment mom needs help raising the funds. If you can spare a few greenies to help me get my treatment please visit my You Caring page at: Some of my international pals indicated paypal would be an easier way to donate so mom just went in and set up an account. The link is:

Please continue to purr and say positive thoughts for me! I lost over half my body weight so it's really important for me to start feeling better and eating regularly again.

That might be tuna dripping out of the corner of my mouth. Tuna is about the only thing I will eat right now so mom is bribing me with it so I will eat and try to put back on some weight. 

Thanks pals!


Feeling the love...

Thanks to all my pals for the support and love! Mom is still waiting on some final test results before deciding on a treatment plan. We hope to have that news soon... possibly today but we thought that yesterday so we are trying to not be too impatient. In the meantime we are reading all the comments from pals near and far and really appreciate the information provided by those kitties who have experienced hyperthyroidism. I know mom will make an informed decision and do what is best for me. And we can't even begin to thank everyone for all the love, purrs and prayers! Some of my pals even have this cool badge on their bloggie for me!

Thank you! and I promise to have mom post an update as soon as the final test results are available.

CJ, sisfur Mia and their human

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Preliminary results from stabby place

First I want to say Thank You for all the purrs, prayers and positive thoughts! Mom, sisfur Mia and I appreciate all the love being sent my way.

Mom got a call from the VET today and while we are still waiting on some results to come back, the preliminary diagnosis is hyperthyroidism. We will wait for all results before deciding on a treatment option. I'm almost 15 years old so we need to make sure there's nothing else going on before proceeding with treatment.

Any kitties have hyperthyroidism?  What treatment options did you choose?

Thanks for continued purrs, prayers and positive thoughts!


Saturday, February 13, 2016

Visit to the stabby place

I had to take a car ride today to the stabby place....

Mom knows I don't like car rides so she bought me a new soft sided carrier prior to the trip to stabby place today. Here I am checking it out... not realizing I would be taking a trip soon.

Here I am in the carrier in the car. I'm NOT excited to be going on a trip!

But I haven't been feeling well so off to the stabby place we went. Here I am poking my head out to see what all the noise is about in the waiting room of stabby place. another kitty had just came out from seeing VET and was voicing his displeasure. I can't believe mom made me go there! 

I wasn't happy to see the VET but I was a good boy. I let them weigh me, take my temperature and take my blood. I was dehydrated so it took 3 tries to get all of my blood needed for the test. Ok, maybe they didn't take ALL my blood but it sure felt like it! 

I have lost a lot of weight since my last visit. So much so that the VET is worried I might have kidney disease. He also discovered my thyroid is enlarged so some of the blood he took will test for that. I was started on antibiotic to treat the inflammation in my nose. He told mom to try and get me to eat and drink as much as I will tolerate. She also bought a humidifier for home to help with the dry air that might have caused my nose inflammation. Otherwise, we wait to see what the tests say before deciding what next course of action to take.

Thanks for purr-ayers! Please keep thinking positive thoughts for me pals!


Friday, February 12, 2016

Not feeling well

Hi pals!

I'm not feeling well. I'm not eating much and had quite a sneezing fit last night that resulted in a little blood spray. Mom says I need to go to the stabby place tomorrow. Can I get some purrayers that everything is ok?

Thanks so much!