Friday, June 10, 2016

Meet the new kitty

Mom adopted a new kitty from Wayside Waifs today. She said Mia was driving her crazy wandering around at night meowing. She thinks Mia probably misses me and might do better with a new kitty at home. 

Mom misses me a lot. She said I will always have a special place in her heart that no other kitty will occupy but asked if it was ok to adopt another kitty. Mom talks to me a lot. I wish I could talk to mom and say YES, It's absolutely ok to rescue another kitty! Or maybe the kitty's rescuing mom? Us kitty's help our humans through a lot. Since I'm no longer physically there I hope Mia and the new kitty help mom through her grief. 

Anyhow....  Meet Mosby!

He probably thinks his name is "Hi Handsome" as mom says that a lot to him. He's not as handsome as me but I can see why mom thinks he's handsome. And look at those paws! Mosby is polydactyl. He not only has extra toes on his front paws but on his back paws too! He'll need those big paws to keep Mia in line. She thinks she's the alpha cat. Mosby might have something to say about that! 

Mosby was adopted from Wayside Waifs as a kitty back in 2013. He was recently surrendered to Wayside for behavior issues. The notes on him said he was shy and would hide. Who would surrender a kitty because they are shy? Sad! Mom has a soft spot for shy kitties. She adopted me after all! Yep, I was a shy kitty but not quite as shy as Mosby. He does hide under the bed quite a bit but he also makes his way out and about. He's not afraid of Mia and because of that, mom made the adoption final today. (Mosby has been on furlough with mom this week to make sure he would be a good fit.) It will be interesting to see how well Mosby adjusts to his new home and how long it will take Mia to adjust to him. Mia is a shy kitty too and there has been some hiding from both kitty's this week. It will be a process to get these two comfortable around each other.

Will my pals join me in welcoming Mosby to the family? Thanks anipals!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

It's been almost a month since CJ went to the Rainbow Bridge. The pain of the loss is still very real.

Miss you buddy!