Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Road trip? Wait???

What do you mean I'm not going? I know what that suitcasey thing means... Moms going somewhere and of course I'm not going! But I don't like riding in cars so maybe that's a good thing!

Mom's heading out of town taking this fellow (Teddy) to New Orleans. A friend is going to college there and her parents are letting her have a car and her dog. Moms job is to get the car and pup there safely.

Details about the trip... 

Teddy looked a little apprehensive at first but actually did quite well in the car. Mom said he rode shot gun almost the whole way. He didn't bark, just slept or sat quietly watching the scenery go by. They made plenty of stops so Teddy could do his business and stretch his legs...

Apparently Teddy wanted to take his turn driving, silly pup! Only kitties get to drive! 

Mom saw some neat things along the way including this old police car and a cotton field. Mom said some people showed up and picked some cotton while she was walking Teddy by the field. She didn't know if they were supposed to be there or just curious like her.

Mom and Teddy arrived safely at their destination. The pup is checking out his new backyard.

I would say Teddy looks happy to be in his new home!

Now hurry home mom! 


  1. Welcome home Teddy! I hope your Mom arrived safely at home to be with you again.

  2. What a cutie he is,. So nice of your mom to do that.