Monday, March 24, 2014

"Feel Good Story"

So you may or may not know but mom teaches CPR classes as a part-time job. Well she has begun telling what she calls a "Feel Good Story" during her classes. Guess what that "Feel Good Story" is? Yep - it's about me and how our neighbor who was a veterinarian saved my life the day of our fire! She said it's appropriate to tell in CPR class because many of the people taking the class have fur-kids at home too and may not know that CPR can be done to save a fur-kid's life! I think that's awesome that mom uses my story of survival as a "Feel Good Story" during her classes! I also think it's really cool that many fire departments now carry oxygen masks specifically to save a family's pet (fur-kids)! It is amazing how many fur-kids are now being saved during a fire that might have otherwise gone Over The Rainbow. A big thank you to mom and everyone who is doing their part to help save fur-kids! I am one kitty that is very happy someone made the effort to save my life!

Me the day after our fire.

Recent pic of me. Don't I look like a happy fur-kid?


  1. How awesome that your human uses your story in her classes! My human is hoping to learn pet CPR sometime this year.

  2. Whoa! Last year Blogpaws donated a bunch of those oxygen masks to fire departments. That is so cool. I’m following a cat on FB who looks even worse than you did after your fire. Poor little kitty got it bad but is recovering and may get to go home as soon as his peeps find another home.

    1. If you mean Russel, moms following his progress too! Purrs to Russel that he make a full recovery!

  3. Yer Mom can practice CPR on US annytime! As long as there are also some chin scritchies involved...