Wednesday, July 30, 2014

KCFD receives pet oxygen mask donation

I am so happy to hear that the Kansas City Fire Department received a donation of pet size oxygen masks. The mask comes in a kit with three sizes to fit more snugly on a dog or cats face. These kits make it easier to provide oxygen for pets during an emergency as human masks don't generally fit very well.

To read the full story about the donation follow this link:

The donation to KCFD was made by Blue Springs resident Sheila Turner. The Invisible Fence Company helped facilitate Turner's donation. The Invisible Fence Company to date has donated 10,000 pet masks to fire departments nationwide. To learn more about Invisible Fence Company's Project Breathe program click here

Nationwide, 40,000 pets dies in house fires each year. Pets also start around 1,000 fires each year by accidentally knocking over candles or accidentally turning on stoves by knocking into dials according to the National Fire Association. For more information about fire safely read my blog post from earlier this month. There are some great tips on there!  

Even though I was saved with a human size oxygen mask I am so glad to hear pet size masks are getting on more and more fire department trucks! Thank you to Sheila and others who have donated pet size oxygen masks to help save pets lives! 


  1. This is great! We have a cat in this complex who can turn a stove burner on so the human taped it. Whenever we hear about a big fire, we think of the pets first. When we ha the CO problems, TW couldn’t get me into a carrier so she’s scared about a fire. Also the stupid condo association removed the sticker she had on the door telling FD I was inside.

    1. That's disappointing to hear the condo association removed the sticker. It's hard for firefighters to know if kitties and other pets are inside if there's not a sticker.They try to look for pets but can't always due to safety reasons.

  2. This is so awesome! These masks should be on EVERY fire truck!