Thursday, March 26, 2015

Greenville, SC Urgent Cat in Need of Foster or Adoption before March 30

Hi pals, if you would hop on over to Brian's Home to help with an urgent need that would be pawesome!

Here's the post from Brian's Home:  

Please share her story,  you are her only hope for survival.  If you can help, contact Brian at brian (at) brianshomeblog (dot) com.

HELP – Greenville, SC Urgent Cat in Need of Foster or Adoption before Monday, March 30th

Greenville, SC Urgent Cat in Need of Foster or Adoption before Monday, March 30th
No time for photos, no time for much of anything.  We need to help this sweet cat and we need to help her quickly.  You’ve all heard me mention my rescue Jenna, here is the plea I received.

“OK, I have spent the entire week thus far doing TNRing on a colony.  I am beyond exhausted.  I had so many really pregnant females and even got a chained dog from off the property, so all was going very well, until God decided to intervene, not that He has not been helping, but decided to make me work a little harder.  Long story short, I was coming back to deliver the kitties to the colony and I missed the road on Brushy Creek in Greer just by a few yards so I decided to turn around in the Kids Planet parking lot which is huge as in as least a third of a football field or more.  There in the middle of the road curled up in a ball is what looks to be a cat.  I stop the car, which is full of ferals in cages just waiting to get out and go over.  I don’t know if it is feral or has been hit by a car or what.  Then slowly she sees me and uncurls herself and drages her belly towards me meowing so sorrowfully.  Then in the cold she goes under my body as I sat there down on the drive.  She was shivering and looks so enormously thin and has abrasions on her face.  I called for a carrier from a friend and stayed with her.  She just was so unbelieveably scared.  But instead of running, as cats do, she just huddled to me like a puppy dog for protection.
My guess is that she was dumped and just froze there unable to move from fear.  She is beyond precious.  Her name is Melba.
How do I know this.  Well, the Cat Clinic scanned her and she came from Greenville County Animal Care services adopted in 2009.  The people never registered her and she was so unbelieveably dirty.  My hands and pants were filthy.  Carolyn suggested I take her to the shelter because they might have more information on her.  I know she was born on 12/12/2009.
She is beautiful although I do not have a picture of her.  She is white and grey and Dr. Anderson  says she definately has burmese in her for sure because what you see when you look at her are the roundest, yellowest eyes.  Her head little as it is is all eyes and she is beyond a love muffin.
I have siged for Greenville County to call me when her five days are up.  When the men took her back she looked at me with those enormous eyes and just shook.  Then she went into the corner of the carrier peacefully I could see because she was warm and on a blanket in my carrier and she felt safe for now.
What ever am I going to do when they call me on Monday morning to tell me her five days are up?  My husband said don’t even for one second go there, we absolutely are not taking in a cat with our 7 and living in such a tiny home.  She is so fragile and tiny and precious I don’t want her to die.  Please, please, please can you help me?????”

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