Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The True Tails of Baker and Taylor

Mom likes to read and of course she loves cats so what better book to read than The True Tails of Baker and Taylor

What a great story about how cats can help bring together a community! Who doesn't love cats? Okay, there are a few people out there who don't but we'll just ignore them. After all cats are good at ignoring humans! Anyhoo, I don't want to spoil the story but if you have read it you know why mom cried at the end. It was a reminder for her how much she misses me. She actually had to put the book down for a bit to clear her leaky eyes. :( I sure do wish their were visiting hours at the Rainbow Bridge! I want to comfort mom and let her know I am doing great at the Rainbow Bridge. I have met many friends including brofur Cosmo. The catnip is plentiful and I am healthy again.

Mom says new brofur Mosby is doing great and has adjusted to being in her home. Sisfur Mia is still being a brat and hissing at Mosby but it's improving. They can now be in the same room together without much issues. There is some chasing. Is it mean that I chuckle when Mosby chases Mia? I mean she did chase me many times when I didn't want to be chased? Karma? I look over them and try to tell them to behave. Guess they are ignoring me. Hmpfff.... Guess I'll have to be a little more verbal. If a kitty can be heard from Kitty Heaven I sure am going to try! These 2 need to get along! I'll keep snoopervising from OTRB to make sure they do.

Until next time... take care pals!

Angel CJ


  1. We loved the Baker and Taylor book too. I'm glad to hear that Mosby is adjusting.

  2. dood....thanx for recommendin thiz book, we will chex it out sew we can reed it two de food servizz gurl ☺☺☺

    all sew, look up gram paw dude & cuzin//brother sauce; they can help ewe with de hole line oh communicationz frum heaven ta earth stuff ~~~ ♥♥

    we R glad mosby iz lurnin two adjust; mia will take a bit...we hope sum time they can make a post heer !! ♥♥♥

  3. We won this book in a giveaway but the mom hasn't read it yet. She's definitely going to do that now!

  4. It IS a lovely book. A glimpse into a time now gone, but one with lots of fun, love and the school teacher was SUCh an inspiration!

    We know you will miss each other, all I can say is hang in there. You are in Mum's heart as Dsh is in mine.

    Marjorie and Silver at
    the Dash Kitten Crew

    Silver and Marjorie