Thursday, November 2, 2017

Pet Insurance?

Pet Insurance? Is it worth the cost? Mom wants to know what it covers and if it's worth the cost of carrying to cover Mia and Mosby. She doesn't know if Mia will be covered since she has a pre-existing condition (FHV) but since Mosby is a young 4 year old kitty she thought she might considering getting coverage for him.

Mia at the VET last year


Mom's thought about it off and on since the fire.

2012 fire that took brofur Cosmo's life and left me burned
Pet insurance might have covered my big bill then as I recovered from the fire and maybe even could have helped last year when I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism.

Me in VET hospital recovering from 2012 fire

What do my pals think? Is Pet Insurance worth the cost? Mom wants to be able to help Mia and Mosby if an emergency arises but does the cost of the insurance outweigh the cost of emergency care?

Thanks pals!

Angel CJ

Angel CJ


  1. dood...frank lee we due knot haz insurance R selves but we had palz a plentee over at catster who did N they said it waz a blessing TWO have it....

    we think ther iz several diffrunt companeez out ther; may bee they can send yur mom sum quotez N coverage stuff; kinda like a car insurance place wood ??

    it wood be a good idea TWO have it ..

    ore may bee mom could put de cost oh de insurance ina spesh ull bak a count sew it's all wayz ther ??

    best fishes with thiz ♥♥♥

  2. My human keeps considering insurance for me (Binga and Boodie are too old now). I'm interested to see what others have to say.

  3. I think it is. My cat Tara fought heart disease and diabetes for 2 years. I'm thankful I could afford it, but insurance would have been a great help. The cat after her, Truffles, I lost to a blood clot at 4 years old. The ER vet bill was $1,000 for a 2 hour visit. Now with Mudpie I was determined to get insurance ASAP. Unfortunately she developed asthma before I bought coverage but with injury and illness coverage (not wellness) through Embrace I have the peace of mind that we'll have help should something horrible happen. Hope this helps!

  4. CJ buddy. Ours are insured although we have to yet had to use it (sill to say we must be grateful but...) Even our senior Harvey can be insured by Petplan now who have a senior policy. Petplan don't cover things like dental cleaning and descaling but they do cover extractions. I found this out when we spoke to their rep at a pet expo (the telephone rep was not as helpful but I didn't have a definite indication about what Natasha needs.

    I would suggest maybe getting an insurance broker to get a quote for you. Or find out those you can trust. Melissa is with Embrace, we are with PetPlan so this is two to try. Maybe others will come up with more dons and don'ts

    Marjorie and Dash

  5. Years ago I priced out the plans and what they covered. I found that in all but the rarest of circumstances (and those were acute circumstances and not chronic health issues like diabetes or asthma)it was far more expensive and I would be better off financially if I started a savings account and put funds in there instead of giving them to an insurance company. I've never regretted that decision

  6. I am ver interested myself though it is too late for me. I am 10. I'll be 11 before long. I was close to 5 when mom gotcha'd me. Angel CJ, I remember that time for you as if it were today. It still wrings my heart. Mom have read what several companies allow/give in 2011, and at that time mom wasn't interested. Could be putting money aside that you would be paying for premiums may be an idea to consider., as that is what mom has done for me. It's a hard question to answer. Love yoo precious CJ.

  7. I totally think pet insurance is worth the cost. I have insurance for all three of my cats, and after I had a terrible experience with one kitty who died of cancer (prior to having insurance) and spending several thousand dollars on her care in just two weeks, I'll never be without it again. I actually wrote a post about why pet insurance is worth the cost on my own blog, which you can find here:

    For the record, I have my cats insured through Trupanion, which offers policies in the US and Canada. They've been really good to me and they've covered my Thomas-cat's ongoing monitoring for kidney disease.

    Pet insurance can be a tricky topic, but the Pet Insurance University website, which is run by a veterinarian and is independent of any insurance companies, lists the benefits and "gotchas" of every policy available in the US and Canada. Find it at

    1. Thank you for this information. I'll have mom go check it out!

      Angel CJ

  8. I’m a little biased as I work for a pet health insurance company, but I think it is worth it. We pay for insurance for our houses and cars; even our electronics. My cats are more precious to me than any of those things so why wouldn’t I insure them? Yes, I could put that money away in a savings account but will it really be enough when the time comes? Illnesses and accidents can happen at any time. Treatments are becoming more and more advanced and can be quite expensive. Pets are like family. Wouldn’t you want to do anything you could for them?
    You do have to be careful when choosing a plan. Companies have all different deductibles, copays, and plan maximums. Most don’t cover preventative health like vaccinations or dental cleanings. Some companies have age limits and won’t cover older animals or the price gets outrageous for older animals.
    Most pet health insurance companies require you to pay your vet directly and then will reimburse you. When choosing a company, it is important to check how quickly they reimburse you. Some people, even though they have pet insurance, still can’t afford to foot the bill up front. If you can find a company that will reimburse the vet directly and you only pay the vet your co-pay and deductible, it can prevent you from having to make a money driven decision.
    It is best to get insurance while your pets are young and before they develop any pre-existing conditions. Try to find a company that identifies pre-existing conditions up front and tells you exactly what will be covered and what won’t. Some companies don’t define everything up front. For example, if you had a Persian, that was perfectly healthy when you signed up for insurance but later developed sinus problems. Some companies will deny the claim and say that is a pre-existing condition because Persians are prone to sinus problems.
    I hope this helps.

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