Thursday, May 31, 2018

A new forever home

Hi pals,

Phannie has made the journey to her new forever home! Thank you to everyone who helped make this trip possible! Mom is so happy she was able to provide one last gift for her dear friend Leigh. She misses her friend but knows this final gift likely had her friend smiling from heaven! Here is a pic of Leigh with Phannie. She adored her!

Leigh with Phannie - July 2017

Beth has already fallen in love with Phannie! She has adjusted wonderfully to Beth’s home in Oregon and to her kids.

Beth with Phannie
The first thing she did when let out of the carrier at Beth's home is look for her food! Mom put it out on the floor since she wasn't sure where her food bowl would be kept for her.

Mom said Phannie traveled like a champ! She didn’t commit any of the 3 Ps. No pee, poop or puke in the car! She would meow for a little bit when first in the car until settling down for a nap. She was pretty good in the hotel room too. Although she did meow some, she enjoyed being out of the car for a bit.

Mom let her out of her carrier while at rest stops. Here it looks like she is checking out what's on the dash but actually she is trying to get to her treats!

Quick break in Utah. Mom kept Phannie in the carrier but she enjoyed the fresh air and seeing the birds and animals along the way.

Here's a few pics from each day in the hotels mom and Phannie stayed in along the way. She enjoyed running around and playing after long days in the car!

It is with a heavy heart that we must say that Nermie didn’t make the trip to Oregon. Mom learned a few days before she was scheduled to pick up the cats that Nermie had actually been missing from her friend Leigh’s house. The cats weren’t being checked on as often as mom was told they were. This breaks mom’s heart. Mom spent time over at Leigh’s looking for Nermie before starting the journey to OR and will continue to look for Nermie. Others in the neighborhood will continue to look for her as well. Please say positive thoughts for Nermie that she is found safe.

Thanks pals!

Angel CJ


  1. I'm glad that Phannie was such a good traveler and settled down in her new home. But how sad that Nermie is missing! I'm purring lots for her to be found safe.

  2. I am grateful beyond these words that Phannie made it and is happy in her new home. I am sad that Nermal didn't get to go and someone must have let her out. May she please please be found. Thank you so much for letting us know about the successful trip. XXX

  3. a most happee gotcha day two ewe phannie; we iz buzzed happee ya made it two yur new home ....manee happee yeerz a head two ewe....

    CJ...dood...we iz glad yur mom hada safe journee ther N home again....

    nermie; may st francis watch over ewe; we troo lee hope ewe R safe in sum ones home; safe N happee ....♥♥♥♥♥ we iz sorree ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  4. Such happy news about Phannie - but so sorry about Nermie ! Purraers and POTP that Nermie is found safe - I imagine her Mama Leigh is looking after her too.

  5. That’s great news for Phannie...but we are purring that Nermie is found soon.

  6. Oh sod, she's lost? I hope to God she is found? Are you sharing on FB, and asking local folks and stuff? OOOH I wish I was there to help.

  7. We followed your trip to Oregon on Facebook and wondered what happened to Nermie. So sad but we are purring and keeping our paws crossed Nermie is found. Have a great life in your new home, Phannie.

  8. Nermie has not been found. Thank you for the thoughts and prayers! Mom will keep looking. She said neighbors and Leigh’s brother are keeping an eye out for Nermie. Mom is so sad about Nermie missing.