Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sun Puddle Sunday

The wind is howling today. That's one of my triggers from the fire. If you recall it was very windy the night of the devastating fire that took our home and brofur Cosmo. I'm napping on moms favorite sweatshirt today...the same one I napped on for a week after moving to new home. She was wearing it the night of the fire and so it has sentimental meaning for her and me...


  1. CJ, we're glad you have some sun and your sweatshirt so the howling wind won't scare you too much.

  2. Purrs to you, CJ. Don't worry - you are safe.

  3. It is good to have something comforting to nap on on those scary nights.

  4. Awww sweetie, we're so happy you are doing so well, except for the things that remind you of the fire. You are safe now and mom will take very good care of you.

  5. Hello, Miss Kitty and I are joining your blog too from Google. I love your site with the prints added. We would love your joining/following us too.

    Thanks much...
    Miss Kitty & Loretta

    1. Mom scooted on over to your bloggie today and added it to her reading list.

  6. CJ and Mum catching up here, I said Hi in FB. I hope you are both OK in this difficult month. CJ and Mum you are both lucky, God Bless Cosmo too.