Friday, October 6, 2017

I'm Mr. December!

You may remember a while back that Artist BzTat did a portrait of me for mom. Well Artist BzTat has a calendar coming out soon for 2018 and I am going to be featured in it with some other great kittys! I will be featured in December. How cool is that! Mom thought it was really cool but especially that I will be Mr. December since it was December 2011 that she adopted me. She said it was the best Christmas present ever! 

Here's a sneak peek of what the kitty calendar will look like. There is a woofy calendar too if you like woofys. 

If you want to order a calendar whether it's a kitty or a woofy you can order by clicking and following this linky: 2018 Cat and Dog Fine Art Calendars.

Mom can't wait to receive her calendar and see all the portraits and quotes that artist BzTat will be including with each. What a special way to remember kitty's (or woofy's) that have provided so much love to their humans over the years but may no longer be here with their humans. Thank you Artist BzTat for creating such a treasure!

Angel CJ


  1. How awesome that you're featured!

  2. Oh CJ!!!! What a fine and wonderful honor. Your precious face on the calendar. Are they all Twitter Pals do you know? I know your mom is very anxious. xoxox


    What a honour.

    We wil get one!!!

    Have a good weekend you guys! Miss you buddy.

    Marjorie and the Dash Kitten Crew