Sunday, March 18, 2012

The night my life changed forever...

Feb 23, 2012 life as I knew it changed forever... Mom had just fed brother Cosmo and I dinner and then left for training at hospital. Not much later the floor got hot, smoke filled the apartment and mom wasn't home to help get Cosmo and I out safely. I don't know what happened to brother Cosmo but I ran out when policemen kicked in the door.

I was found running away from apartment. Strange man picked me up and carried me to clubhouse where woman put mask on my face. I was in pain so I tried to fight the mask off. Before long mom appeared and tried to reassure me that I would be okay. Man and woman put me in carrier that wasn't familiar. I meowed and meowed because I was in pain. Mom picked up carrier and ran outside up the hill past the fire to car. If you click this link you can view a video of fire and see a glimpse of mom as she scoots by the camera. You can't see but she has me in the carrier and we are heading to the car. We then went racing in car to pet hospital where I was looked over.

I was placed in special kennel that had air flowing in it to help me breath. I was hooked up to IV so that I could be given fluids and pain medication. Men and women in scrubs kept putting cream on my owwies and stuff in my eyes to help the burning. Mom came back to visit. She cried and kept saying sorry she wasn't home to rescue me and Cosmo. I wanted to say it's not your fault mom but all I could do was cry from the pain. Mom eventually had to leave but it was okay. I didn't want to be pet and the people in scrubs were taking good care of me...

When mom returned to the apartment complex she was asked to do an tv interview (she's a red cross volunteer and ironically was on call the night of the fire and dispatched to help).  Here's a pic of mom doing the interview:

You can see our apartment building on fire in the background.  Here's another pic this time our building is already gone... fire is almost out.  Fire crews would stay on site for 3 days putting water on hot spots so as not to rekindle and risk the other buildings.

I think it's fair to say mom is in shock at this point.  Reality has sunk in that home is no longer there and Cosmo hasn't been found.  She fears the worst for Cosmo.  (As of 3/27/12 when mom updated this post, Cosmo has not been found and is assumed deceased.)

Here's a pic of big brother Cosmo.  Sitting in or on top of boxes was one of his favorite activities...

I sure do miss him!


  1. God bless him, you, and your mommy.

  2. You are such a brave kitty, your Mum is so brave too. We cannot imagine the fear and trauma you all went through, but you are here now, the world is better because you are.

    Sending purrs & love for Cosmo too

  3. We will never forget this because our mom grew up in Kansas City and the fire happened on her birthday. We were so sad that you lost Cosmo in the fire but glad you survived. Such a brave one you are, CJ!

  4. CJ, having survived this ordeal, you need to fight now to get better. You are a miracle kitty. I am so sorry that Cosmo did not survive.

  5. Brave little CJ. You have to get your fighting spirit back up, precious. Sending lots of love to help you get better. xx
    Tinker, Anastasia, Chopin, Bridgie and mom Julie

  6. Sending u lots of kisses.

    Luv, Murphy the Poodle and Angel Keisha

  7. We are so sorry about Cosmo. Glad you made it out CJ, we look forward to getting to know you better.

  8. What an incredible story of love, hope and survival. We're so sorry you had to go through that. We're also sorry to learn about the loss of Cosmo.