Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Second FIre...

March 7, 2012 mom and I were awakened about 1:30am to the sound of the building alarm and neighbors yelling fire... Mom jumped up, got dressed, grabbed me and tried to put me in the carrier. I didn't want to get in so she tipped it on it's side and dumped me in head first. I wasn't happy and tried to get out but mom got the door shut.

Mom grabbed some stuff and out we went, down the stairs and to the car. We didn't go far though and mom grabbed the carrier and this time we went upstairs in a different building. Once inside the apt, mom opened the carrier door so I could come out. I slowly came out of the carrier and sniffed my way around while mom talked with another hooman. Turns out we were at mom's friend Amy & Lees apartment. Their furry friends Dottie the guinea pig and Sebastian the kitty were out of the way so I could explore.

We stayed there for a while until we learned we would be able to return to our home. Our new home was not damaged in the fire but would smell like smoke for a few days. Thank you Sebastian for the bed! Seb didn't care for a new bed he got after he lost it in the first fire so he donated it to me.

Before we headed back to our pad a man with a camera talked to mom. I made sure to meow so that I got attention. Mom says I looked handsome on camera. Of course I do!

I feel sorry for those boys who started the second fire. Mom's pretty mad! Pretty sure she will kick their ass if she gets the chance! She was shaken up and I was too...


  1. That must have been so so scary! *shudder* I am so glad that one didn't cause such bad problems.

    I'm glad to see you have a blog now too. Yay! I'm putting your link on my bloggy :)

  2. Did they even find what started the big fire? Pop says if it started in a crawl space, it was prolly electrical. His Pop was a fireman. TW says your Mom has her permission to kick those boys asses. I'm sorry you've had to go through both traumas.

    1. No, they have not been able to determine what caused the first fire due to the extent of damage. It did start in the crawl space directly beneath our apartment then somehow got in to the gas line. I keep hearing I'm a very lucky kitty to survive the first fire. I wish Cosmo had been as lucky. Those boys have been told not to come back due to their negligence. Good call management people!

  3. We will help you do some butt kickin' very scary - twice as much as this is the second time.

    We are purrin for you!!